About the Boat

the Oz Goose!

The boat the BBRL has settled on as our flagship racer is the Oz Goose by Australian designer Michael Storer. This design incorporates all of the desirable attributes of a low cost, easy to build,  good performing sailboat. It is by design a stable platform to learn how to sail, easily allowing two or three adults (or kids) to sail at once. In a breeze, when sailed well, it performs well beyond what one would expect from such a boxy shape. Speeds of 10 knots (11.5 mph) are very achievable and speeds approaching 14 knots (16 mph!) have been documented. It exhibits very few bad habits, is stable and predictable and easy to right and reboard in case of a capsize. The Oz Goose is well documented and is establishing itself as a great affordable alternative racer in other parts of the world, namely the Philippines, where the 1st Oz Goose Nationals were held in 2017. Their promotional video has some great shots of the Oz Goose sailing and racing!

The Oz Goose is not just a finely tuned racing boat, but has enough room, stability and carrying capacity to serve as a family dayboat, and for the more adventuresome, a minimalist camp cruiser.

Here are some indispensable resources regarding the design.

storerboatplans.com – This is the designer’s website which has loads of information about his various designs and detailed discussion on tuning he boats for maximum performance

opengoose.com – A new/blog site of all things Goose!

duckworksbbs.com – This is where you can order plans for the OZ Goose (and lots of other boatbuilding related stuff.)

You can find some exciting videos showing the performance and versatility of the OZ Goose on Ian Henehan’s YouTube channel – HERE


Image courtesy opengoose.com

About Us


We’re just a group of folks that love boatbuilding, sailing and racing who want to share our passion with anyone who is interested! Our goal is promote fun, inexpensive and accessible small boat sailing and racing in the communities where we live.

There are currently Fleets forming in Southeastern Virginia, Central Michigan and Tucson Arizona, with interest in several other areas as well. If you are interested in forming an associated fleet, please contact us